Upon request and reservation we offer the following wellbeing packages:

Stress Busting Energy Booster package
Energy healing session for total relaxation
Meditation and simple meditation techniques to dissolve stress fast
Laughter Yoga - introduction and session
Stress reduction tips: presentation with brief taster of EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

Spiritual Detox Package
How to be happier - presentation with practical suggestions to put more joy and inner peace into your life
Laughter Yoga: introduction and session
Meditation, the path towards connection with your soul
Energy healing session

Personal consultations

Personal sessions
Australian bush flower remedies
EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. One-to-one private consultation.
Spiritual self-help: take back your power. Little changes that make big differences.
Shiatzu session
Relaxing massage

Life Coaching
Spiritual development
Alternative well-being
Downsizing & De-cluttering
Business/Time Management

Petriolo Thermal Bath only 30 km away:
Petriolo Thermal Bath is near the town of Monticiano, in the province of Siena, situated on the road that connects Siena to Grosseto. The environment is natural and enchanting.
Its origins is ancient, dating back to 1230. Petriolo Thermal bath is the only remaining fortified bath (dated 1404), in fact you can still see the walls.
The therapeutic properties of the hot springs were known in the past: Petriolo was attended by many nobles (for example famous Medici and Gonzaga families).
The water is salt-sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-sulfurous hyper-thermal (43°C) and contains a very high rate of sulfur and carbon. It is used for baths, mud, inhalations, facial masks very effective in treating skin diseases, respiratory problems, orthopedic pains and rheumatism.
The sulfurous water gushes from the springs and falls in the river Farma with a series of waterfalls and pools carved into the rocks where you can swim. Access is free.
The particularity of Petriolo is that in the same place you have two completely different situations: at one side the hot waters of the thermal spring and on the other the cold waters of the river Farma. Therefore Petriolo is very indicated for those who suffer circulatory disorders.
The place is enchanting both in summer and winter, but it could be very crowded especially on Saturday night.


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